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Perhaps you were on your way to work when it began to rain unexpectedly, forcing you to use your leather bag as a makeshift umbrella. Or a glass of water accidentally slipped out of your grasp, causing some water to fall directly on your leather shoes. Seeing your favorite leather items strewn with water stains, for whatever reason, can be pretty upsetting. Unfortunately, wiping or leaving those items in the sun will not help remove pesky stains. So, how to get water stains out of leather? Please keep reading to learn how to restore your beloved leather goods to a presentable state.

Leather contains natural oils that improve its durability, softness, and luster. As we all learned in science class, oil and water do not mix because oil's density is lower than water's. When water penetrates leather, the oils within it can separate and evaporate along with the water vapors, leaving behind dark spotty stains. Furthermore, the reduction of essential oils in leather can have an impact on its quality and durability. As a result, removing water stains from your leather items is critical to make them look good and preserve their strength, color, and durability.

Effective Measures To Get Water Stains Out Of Leather

Read, Remember, Implement!

Straying away from the topic, we want to remind you to read the instructions on caring for your leather items in the manual that come with them. You'd think that for the money you spend on leather goods, they'd last longer without a single scratch or crack. However, leather is like a vehicle that requires regular maintenance to ensure longevity. Different types of leather need different types of care to maintain their strength, form, and color. Please educate yourself on how to properly care for your leather items so that they last for years.

Don't Waste Time!

When water permeates your leather article for whatever reason, acting quickly to counteract its effects is critical. Grab a clean, dry cloth and dab it on the leather to remove as much excess water as possible. Do not rub or wipe the material aggressively, as this may leave streaks or scratches on it, causing more trouble than necessary.

Another thing to remember is that the leather should be allowed to dry naturally without using heat, sunlight, or any other drying tool. Failure to do so may result in the leather losing oils, reducing its strength. It is also essential to expedite removing moisture from leather if it comes into contact with impurity-containing rainwater, as it may become prone to mildew and mold buildup.

Get Your Hands Dirty!

Cleaning your leather items with a designated cleaner is an effective way to say goodbye to water stains. You can readily obtain one online or from a local supermarket near you. Leather cleaners are natural or synthetic substances that help remove dirt, grime, and stains from leather products. Using a leather cleanser designed specifically for the leather you're cleaning will yield even better results than a general leather cleaner.

Put a small amount of cleaner on a dry cloth or soft pad and rub it over your leather in circular motions. Repeat as necessary to cover the entire surface of the leather evenly. You may notice that the color of your leather appears darker during this process; however, you should not be concerned because the original color will get restored when the leather dries completely. After applying cleaner to your leather, set it aside to dry naturally for a few hours. When it dries, the appearance of water stains will undoubtedly improve.

Balms To The Rescue!

Leather balms are a type of conditioner that aid in restoring or preserving the appearance of leather. They are excellent for nourishing leather from the inside, protecting its suppleness, hue, and sheen. Balms also help to reintroduce lost oils to leather, preventing dryness that can ruin the quality of your leather.

Leather balms, such as the Vera Forma Leather Balm, typically contain ingredients such as waxes, oils, and lanolin, which get easily absorbed and improve the appearance of the leather. Balms or conditioners may make your leather items appear darker, but they will return to their natural shade within 24 hours. Apart from restoring the appearance of leather, these balms can also help clean it, protect it from damage, improve its resistance to water, and remove scratches from its surface.

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