The Commodore Slim Wallet (Now available in 3 Sizes: Small, Medium & Grande)

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“The Commodore” by Vera Forma - Let The Patina Tell Your Story!

Introducing “The Commodore”, Designed for the true enthusiast in mind. Quality of craftsmanship, striking style, and a minimal pocket feel. With a footprint not much larger than the size of a credit card, this slim and light cardholder will not leave you running out of pocket space.

The Original or Small Commodore will allow 4 cards at first. Once broken in, the texture-rich Italian Full-Grain Leather will stretch allowing a total of 6 cards for a slim yet fulfilling user experience. 

The Medium Version has 6 card pockets which can accommodate between 6-12 cards & there is a dedicated cash slot - for cash bills. All while maintaining the slim & minimalist profile of the original version.

The Grande is a Vertical Wallet with 8 card slots, accommodating up to 16 cards as well as there are 2 large pockets on each side for folded cash bills/receipts or even more credit or business cards.

The idea behind this Bi-fold was to create a slim and unique wallet to live inside your pocket, all while providing a user experience. Space for the essentials, Quality Craftsmanship, and a striking design were the key points when in design. The wallet is built on a foundation of Italian "Jungle" Leather from the "Concert Il Ponte" Tannery in Tuscany. Built with this quality of material, the minimalist Commodore will be the foundation of your Every Day Carry.

The more this bi-fold wallet is used, the better the leather will reflect the story of its character. With the high wax content, this texture-rich leather will provide a pronounced pull-up that speaks the story of its paces. Each bend, fold, crease or mark will add to the narrative of its time spent serving you. It simply Ages Beautifully Over Time 

The perfectly burnished, dark dyed edges create a dramatic falloff to separate the texture of the Caramel Color from the subtle, yet e stitching.  

With time this wallet will become a part of your history with each stretch and mark telling its own story of the ages it has spent serving you; the respectful enthusiast. Simply, let the leather Patina record and tell your Story.

I believe that for something to deserve a spot in your Every Day Carry, it needs to parallel your personal brand, be a reflection of your character and provide unwavering function along the way. The Commodore is the solid foundation that any EDC enthusiast hunts for. It will be there to back up your pursuit of Quality while maintaining the functional necessity with e style.

The Commodore will become "The Solid Foundation of your Every Day Carry"

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