Leather Balm - 4 & 1 oz I 100% Organic Ingredients

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  • CREAM OF THE CROP” & PUREST LEATHER BALM with Real Beeswax, Shea butter and Plant Oils.
  • THE VERA FORMA LEATHER WAX nourishes from within: saddle, boots, chaps, holsters, bags - virtually any leather while resisting scuffing, stitch fraying and tearing or leather cracking, so you can enjoy it longer than ever before. (not for suede)
  • MADE IN THE USA for leather that needs to be protected and tough enough to withstand anything!
  • HEAVY DUTY FORMULA - treats you leather & work boots to resist, petroleum, salt, and chemicals, water and anything you throw at it during your work day.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 1) Clean with a soft damp rag, such as microfibre, to remove dirt, deposits and oils from the surface. 2) Apply a small amount onto a dry cloth or your finger and work into leather using a circular motion. Massage it in. Some deeper scratches might require a second application or more balm to be massaged in. 3) Let Dry for one hour. Repeat process as needed.
  • Leather will absorb the balm very quickly. Please note that some leathers may darken slightly but return to their natural shade within 24 hours.

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