"The Slick Sleeve" - Minimalistic Wallet - Six (6) Card Capacity


This is a 6 card wallet - "The Real Slim Daily" Wallet - Made out of the official Horween Derby English Tan  4 oz Leather. Over time, it will wear and develop a  character and patina unique to you. 

Sewn by hand, using the "saddlestitching" method and not by machine. Handmade and handsewn with Tiger thread as well as guaranteed for life. It will not come undone or unravel like threads sewn by machine. 

This wallet easily houses all your cash, cards and still fits your front or back pocket without being noticed. 

It is a single piece of leather wrapped around another, slightly larger piece, with only the needed stitching on two sides, to emphasize the beautiful minimalist design. Populate it anyway you wish. Cash in the front or back, and spread the cards throughout.

Our 6 Card Slim Wallet Lines fit comfortably in the front or rear pant pockets as well as in the palm of your hand, front shirt pocket or even better, they go great with bespoke suits. Barely if noticeable at all.

Having and carrying one of these wallets for a day, will have you wondering why you didn't do it sooner. Ingenious. This wallet will age nicely as it breaks in and forms to your wallet contents and it will develop a patina unique to you and the way you use it.

Only 4 pieces in stock!

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