V2 - "Coin-X" (Silver & Brass - Limited Quantities)


Introducing the Vera Forma Coin-X. A symphony of clever details creating a visual masterpiece. Make no mistake, each thoughtfully placed detail is with clear purpose in mind, let me explain. 

"Thesaurus Mendacium In Vobis" translates to "The Treasure Lies Within You." We all possess the ability to make the call for what we believe in and the power to stand up for those values.
You are strong enough, you are brave enough: to stand up for what you believe in.
It's the message of inner power and commitment. The Treasure lies within you, it's up to you to let it break free and propel you forward towards success.
Maybe even something like

This coin doesn't stop there. There are so many minor details in the history and design of this coin, a single chapter cannot house all "that lies within"

Limited Quantities. Always Numbered. 

6mm Thick - 3D!



Only 2 pieces in stock!

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